AMANDA means lovely  and cute.
Amanda Wedding Pavilion is the most suitable venue for couples that would like to keep their privacy from public but have a dream to conduct their wedding in a Chapel in Bali. With its semi open architecture style Amanda wedding pavilion also supported by make up room for the bride & the groom, a waiting room for attendees, party room and a water pond in front of the chapel that created the very fresh and romance atmosphere.
Enjoy your special day in one of the most magical and romantic places on earth.

– Ceremonies are held twice a day so you can organize the wedding of your dreams for your special day
– Capacity up to 30 persons

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Miss YIU - how much for wedding chapel?What is the wedding package include?

Herawati - Hai, untuk foto prewed di amanda chapel, sewa tempatnya brp ya? Trima

Sonia - AMANDA CHAPEL – I am wanting to book the Amanda Chapel for the 28/04/2013 for an afternoon wedding and a dinner following this. Numbers are not yet finalised however approx 20 including bride and groom. Can you please provide costs and availability. Thank you Sonia

erline - Saya berminat untuk mengetahui info mengenai pemberkatan di amanda chapel. Berapa harga paket untuk pernikahan pada agustus 2013?

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