Wedding Details

For us, wedding details are very important.

It helps the couple to remember every single moment from the planning to the D-day.

What we mean with wedding details are:

1. Theme

>> Choose your theme carefully so you won’t regret it later 🙂

These days popular theme is rustic or vintage theme.

Below are the samples that we took from several weddings we’ve done:

2. Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Groomsmen & Bestman

Bridesmaids and Make of Honor, you’ll need them to help you with the rest of the planning and ideas.

Groomsmen & Bestman, you’ll need them to help you relax.


3. Wedding dress

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you can start the wedding dress hunting which match to your theme 🙂

It’s the most fun part when you start the hunting with your pals.

4. Wedding ring

This is sooo important so you and your partner has to have a completely free time to search and decide.


5. Wedding Venue

Wedding venue is very important as you have to make sure that the theme that you’ve dream of can be match with the venue.

By having the venue already you can start to break down your budget for other spending based on your priority.


6. Make up artist

Every bride are beautiful already, but you’ll need someone to help you on the D-day to make you even prettier then before so that everyone who sees you will be awe cause you are the queen of the day 🙂

Make sure to do trial and prepare the style you like cause even the most professional make up artist, they can’t read your mind 🙂


7. Photographer & Videographer

Don’t to picky in budget if it’s about photo and/or video service, cause in the end of the day, you’ll only have the photos and/or video to remember the most special day of your life.

Don’t end up regretting the result and complaining with the hope that the photos will turn up better after you complain 🙂

Basically, all professional photographers and videographers don’t need any list for them what to capture on the D-day cause they knew already what they have to do, but it’s fine if you have any special request cause every couple has their own story.


8. Decoration

This aspect that will distinguish your wedding from other wedding 🙂

Every single detail will show your and your partner’s character and vision.

You’ll need to be detailed so you’ll find it awesomely satisfy when you see the decoration on your wedding day and it’s all your idea which the decorator help you to create it into reality.


9. Catering

If you decide to have your wedding conducted in a villa, then you’ll need to hire a catering.

Catering can be very important, but some other couple just think that it’s one of the other aspect that can be chosen from anywhere.

Well.. when it’s about a wedding, food is the most important think also, the taste will make your guests always remember the day and the amount of the food, just make sure you choose the right catering that won’t make you running out of food before the event is over.


10. Entertainment

Never underestimate an entertainment, they will drive your wedding into the messy one or into the wedding of the year in your guests eyes.


11. Emcee

Never underestimate the power of the emcee, cause the emcee can also determine whether your wedding will become the boring one, the messy one or the wedding of the year 🙂


12. Souvenir / Gift away

This aspect is not always important for every couple but you still need to think about it whether you think it’s required and important or not.

13. Guest book

Some couple these days don’t really think it’s important, but you’ll never know.

If you don’t like the traditional guest book, then you can prepare a comment card and your wedding planner can help you to ask everyone to fill in those comment card, in case your guests didn’t bring any card by themselves 🙂


14. Tradition

This aspect can be important, can be not, you need to discuss with your both families but still very important to have a thought of it 🙂

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